• Self-service Kiosk OEM

    Self-service Kiosk OEM

    QR Code Reader Power Self-service Kiosk Ticket System Solution 1. Achieving Goals: The self-service ticketing system is a comprehensive information system which makes use of computer network and terminal equipment to realize the customers can get the tickets by themselves. In the station ticket o...
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  • Turnstile OEM

    Turnstile OEM

    Working Principle of Barcode Reader Turnstile Gate Whether you are commuting by subway, traveling by plane, or entering various tourist attractions or office buildings, turnstile access control has been everywhere. Whether you are the user of the turnstile gate or the installer of the turnstile g...
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  • Access Control Door

    Access Control Door

    QR Code Access Control Application in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 As the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar approaches, security systems at stadiums are in the spotlight. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how to hold a safe, efficient and reliable global sporting event has become a hot topic among football fans. ...
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  • Retail & Hospitality

    Retail & Hospitality

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  • Transportation & Logistics

    Transportation & Logistics

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  • Tablet & PDA OEM

    Tablet & PDA OEM

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  • Video Surveillance Solution

    Video Surveillance Solution

    Install Video Monitoring System To Ensure Our Safety! TelecomDaily released a research report on the cloud video surveillance and video analytics market before December 22, 2021, which showed that Russia has ranked among the top three countries in the world in terms of installed video surveillanc...
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