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QR Code Access Control Application in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar approaches, security systems at stadiums are in the spotlight. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how to hold a safe, efficient and reliable global sporting event has become a hot topic among football fans. See what YidaScan’s QR code access control can do?

As is known to all, sports venues security system mainly includes the video surveillance system, intrusion alarm system, electronic patrol, and entrance access control system, etc., each subsystem can run independently, but also unified coordination and administration, to form a multi-function and comprehensive, three-dimensional security automation systems, with security personnel management, which can realize double protection of personnel and technology management.

Video monitoring system: the main import and export channels, the pedestrian stairs, main technical areas, important non-technical area, perimeter of the elevator lobby, axle box, and center television video monitoring, real-time monitoring image transmitted to control center monitor and record, authorized users can browse through the monitoring video and call history monitoring video data.

Entrance access control system: management and solve the interior regions and corresponding channel authorization verification, access control security problems, according to different functional areas (VIP area, reporters area, competition administrative zone, commercial sites) for risk analysis, combined with the regional architectural structure, the characteristics of different populations of the isolation within their respective areas.

What can our YidaScan do on the sports field? Our access control all-in-one device has been successfully used in access control turnstile around the world!

QR code+RFID card reader+Electronic numeric keypad 3 in 1 access control can be achieved with the size(120mm(L)x76mm(W)x21mm(D)) of a palm only! The TCP/IP Internet online or LAN offline+WiFi+Bluetooth+Wiegand 26/34 bit+Power Supply from POE module makes it more powerful. To learn more, visit the details page of AC700.


Post time: Mar-03-2022