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QR Code Reader Power Self-service Kiosk Ticket System Solution

1. Achieving Goals:

The self-service ticketing system is a comprehensive information system which makes use of computer network and terminal equipment to realize the customers can get the tickets by themselves.

In the station ticket office, cinemas, restaurant, tourist attractions and other places to set up a self-service ticket terminal equipment, consumers can query the consumption of goods and the corresponding ticket price, and use cash, VISA and MasterCard credit cards, third-party mobile APP payment platform with QR code for online ticket.

On the one hand, it is greatly convenient for consumers to purchase tickets, exempting them from the hard work of queuing in the peak time of ticket purchase and saving consumers’ time. On the other hand, it can reduce the working pressure of the ticket office, save the human resources of the ticket office and improve the operation efficiency of the ticket office.

2. Overview of hardware and system functions:

This system is a terminal integrating Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Alipay and Wechat Pay. The cash module adopts imported movement, which can receive money and exchange small change quickly, with high recognition rate and high security.

(1). System functions:

As shown in the figure below, the system consists of four modules: consumer self-service terminal Kiosk, ticket server, VISA and MasterCard banking information exchange platform, Alipay and Wechat Pay transaction platform, realizing the following functions:

1) Client: Check ticket prices → determine the number of tickets → cash, credit card, Alipay and Wechat Payment → print paper tickets or get e-tickets online.

2) Ticket System Server: Ticket management + accounting management + authority management.

3) VISA and MasterCard Banking information exchange platform: Bank card identification + password verification + settlement + reconciliation and error handling.

4) Alipay and Wechat Pay: According to the ticket price and quantity information automatically generated QR code, mobile phone generated payment QR code be scanned by the industrial QR code scanner can quickly complete the transaction.


(2). Hardware barcode scanners are recommended for kiosks:
Shenzhen YIDA Auto-ID Technology Co., Ltd with more than 5 years of industry experience in the field of barcode automatic identification, according to the application requirements of self-service ticket kiosks, has specially launched the YidaScan brand FM300 model QR code scanner, which is compatible with the self-service ticket system of various industries, and gives powerful scanning support to self-service terminal equipment.

According to understanding, the wide angle scanning (Horizontal 74.5°,Vertical 58.4°) of the large angle window of the FM300 fixed mount barcode reader, Can read all kinds of one-dimensional bar codes (EAN, UPC, Code128, Code39, etc.) and standard two-dimensional Code (QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix, etc.), can easily read paper documents, all kinds of electronic screen bar codes and paper bar codes and other high-density information. And mobile phone screen surface reflective rate of large capacity 1d bar code and 2d bar code information, IR automatic sensing design, even in dark conditions, FM300 can easily identify mobile phone screen QR code. USB, RS232, Wiegand and other interface selection, compact size 76mm(W)x66mm(D)x64mm(H), CMOS camera modular design of core functions, welcomed by domestic and foreign self-service terminal Kiosk, intelligent access control, turnstile gate channel manufacturers.FM300-KioskFM300-黑暗条件下测试

Post time: Mar-05-2022