Video Surveillance Solution

Install Video Monitoring System To Ensure Our Safety!

TelecomDaily released a research report on the cloud video surveillance and video analytics market before December 22, 2021, which showed that Russia has ranked among the top three countries in the world in terms of installed video surveillance cameras, after China and the United States. Russia currently has 13.5 million pcs of video surveillance cameras, or 93.2pcs of cameras per 1,000 people.

58.7 percent of video surveillance cameras in Russia are installed by commercial organizations, mainly to prevent theft and ensure security; Industrial grade video surveillance cameras funded by the Russian government accounted for 32.8%, and the main installation sites included schools, government agencies, roads and hospitals. The proportion of video surveillance cameras installed by individuals in home is also high.

In fact, every family needs a portable indoor video surveillance camera, because it can be convenient for users to collect evidence at any time, at any time for home security. We can imagine such a scene, the mother goes out to buy vegetables, the young child plays at home, when there is no one else to look after, danger may appear around him.

The core role of the YidaScan brand SV500 model baby video monitor is to pay attention to the safety of children in time, timely remote comfort children’s emotions. The primary concern of parents is not the baby monitor itself, but the safety of their children. Monitoring can not only see the dynamic of the children and the elderly in real time, check the attitude of the nanny, but also check the living habits of the pets at home.

Installing a home video monitoring system is actually a very important thing. A good system can actually provide additional basic security for you and your family and living assets. You know, a good home security system can keep criminals out of our homes and keep our families safe. What’s more clear is that we tend to feel safer when we have indoor video surveillance in our homes, or when we have video surveillance outside. In this security, then the family life will be more comfortable.


Post time: Feb-09-2024