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Working Principle of Barcode Reader Turnstile Gate

Whether you are commuting by subway, traveling by plane, or entering various tourist attractions or office buildings, turnstile access control has been everywhere. Whether you are the user of the turnstile gate or the installer of the turnstile gate, do you have the question: how does the turnstile gate work? What is the product structure?

(1). Working principle of turnstile gate:

1. Turn on the power and the system will enter the working mode 3 seconds later.

2. After the pedestrian swipes the IC card legally (face recognition, barcode recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.), the system transmits the door opening signal to the access control motherboard.

3. The access control motherboard receives information and executes signal processing from the RFID reader and QR code reader, and then sends control signals to the direction indicator and motor drive board, and the control indication sign changes from red to green. In normally closed mode, by controlling the drive board, the drive motor runs and the brake swing opens (in normally open mode, the brake swing does not need this action), allowing pedestrians to pass.

4. After the pedestrian passes in accordance with the direction indicator, the infrared detector will detect the whole process of the pedestrian passing through the channel and sends continuous signals to the access control board until the pedestrian passes through the turnstile gate completely.

5. After the pedestrian passes through the turnstile gate completely, the access control board will pass a signal to the counter, and the counter will automatically increase by 1 after the passage process is over.

6.When passing the turnstile gate, if the pedestrian forgets to swipe the IC card or doesn’t uses the barcode from printed paper or mobile phone to identify, or brushes the invalid IC card and QR code, the system will prohibit the pedestrian (in the normally open mode, the brake will be closed; In normally closed mode, the brake will not move). At the same time, the sound and light alarm will be triggered. The alarm signal will not be cancelled until the pedestrian exits the turnstile gate, only to swipe the IC card again.

working-principle-of-the-turnstile(2). Product structure of turnstile gate:

1. Mechanical system structure: 

The mechanical mechanism is composed of a crate and a movement. The crate is equipped with counter, direction indicator, sound and light alarm device, infrared detection and lock. The movement is composed of motor, reducer, chassis, transmission, bearing and brake swing.

2. Electrical access control system:

The electrical access control system is mainly composed of access control system device (optional), access control motherboard, infrared detector, drive board, motor assembly, direction indicator, counter, alarm, sound board, limit switch and switching power supply.

A. Access control device: read the information of the IC card or QR code, and send the opening signal to the access control motherboard after signal processing.

B. Access control motherboard: it is the control center of the turnstile gate, receiving and implementing signal processing from the access controller and infrared detector, and then issuing execution instructions to the direction indicator, motor drive board, counter and alarm.

C. Infrared detector: it can detect the position of pedestrians and play a safety protection function. The detector at both ends of the gate can judge the position of pedestrians, and the detector in the middle mainly achieves the function of safety protection.

D. Motor drive board: it receives signals from the access control board, controls the operation of switches and motors, and realizes the opening or closing of the brake swing.

E. Direction indicator: It shows the current status of the passageway and guides pedestrians in an orderly and safe way.

F. Counter (optional) : It effectively records the number of pedestrians passing in the same direction.

G. Acousto-optic alarm device (optional) : send out alarm signal in case of illegal passage.

H. Encoder: controls the rotation position of the brake swing.

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