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A team of experts who have worked in the field of automatic identification for more than 9 years got together because of the like-minded dream, and from then on, Shenzhen YIDA Auto-ID Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
We are experts in barcode scanning automatic identification, access control identification, video surveillance identification and OEM products. Because more than 9 years of automatic identification experience allows us to quickly respond to a variety of OEM projects.

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  • QR Code Access Control Open New Office!

    Throughout the life scenario, traffic management is a very common and important process. With the development of sensor technology, biological recognition technology, entrance guard system get the leap type development, the security, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own special fea...

  • Singapore’s First Hawker Centre To Scan QR Code for Payment

    After years of accepting only cash payments,hawker centres are now moving towards going cashless, with Tanjong Pagar Place Hawker Centre being the first to allow diners to pay by scanning QR codes from Sept 10, 2017. The Tanjong Pagar Place Hawker and Cooked Food Association has teamed up with th...

  • Thailand: 75% of Thai Consumers Use QR Codes To Pay

    An online survey by UnionPay International and Nielsen found that while cash is still the preferred method of payment for many Thai consumers, QR code scanning is also overtaking cash as the most popular online payment method. According to relevant data, the number of di...

  • The Birth of Two-dimensional Code

    In the early 1980s, with the wide application of bar code technology in retail and other industries, more and more industries hope to use bar code to solve the problems of article management and automatic information collection faced by the industry. At the same time, a ...