AC700 QR Code Access Control Coded Lock

Short Description:

1.QR Code+Mifare Card Reader+Electronic Coded Lock(optional)

2.TCP, IP Wiegand 26/34bit

3.WiFi, Bluetooth, POE optional

4. Free SDK ,API and engineer directly technical support.

5.Installation Size:120mm * 76mm * 21mm(L*W*H)

6.Net Weight:200g

7.Application:Office, Elevator, Hotel, Store etc.

Product Detail


1. Embedded multi-tasking real-time operating system, the system can be fully started in 3 seconds.

2. Single door network access control + QR code scanning engine +IC card reader triple product. Make the on-site installation and maintenance simple and cost-effective.

3. The product comes with a voice amplifier and speaker. The voice for common entry and exit events can be set. The network can control nearly 150 voices and can customize the voice.

4. Encrypted QR code that complies with the agreed rules can be opened / opened directly when not connected to the Internet.
The agreed rules mainly include:
(1)The start time and end time of the two-dimensional code valid;
(2)The number of times the two-dimensional code is valid and exceeds the number of uses, the two-dimensional code can no longer be used;
(3)Equipment MAC matching or project number building number Match, a QR code can contain one or more device numbers, which can be legally valid on multiple devices;
(4)The encryption key of the QR code can be modified without leaving any backdoors or loopholes to ensure the security of the QR code.

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  • Component Parameters

    Image Sensor


    Recognition Lighting

    White light LED

    QR Code Recognition

    QR CODE, DATA MATRIX and other formats, support mobile phone mirror recognition and paper recognition

    One-dimensional Code Recognition

    CODE 128, Code39, UCC/EAN-128, AIM-128, EAN-8 and other format recognition;

    Recognition Distance


    4G Network Parameters

    Communication System

    Communication System: 4G full Netcom

    Applicable Frequency Band

    LTE-FDD B1/B3/B5/B8

    LTE-TDD B34/B38/B39/B40/B41

    General Characteristics

    3GPP E-UTRA Release 13

    Bandwidth 1.4/3/5/10/20MHz

    Transmitting Power

    LTE-TDD Class3 (23dBm+1/-3dmB)

    LTE-FDD Class3 (23dBm+1/-2dmB)

    LTD Feature

    Support Cat.1;

    Support VoLTE

    Support 1.4-20MHz RF bandwidth

    LTE-TDD Maximum uplink rate 4Mbps, maximum downlink rate 8Mbps

    LTE-FDD Maximum uplink rate 5Mbps, maximum downlink rate 10Mbps

    Network Protocol Features


    Electrical Parameters

    Power Input


    Working Current

    <500mA (Note: Electric lock current is not included)

    Relay Output

     Relay DC30V/3A, 250VAC/3A

    Interface Protection

    All input and output interfaces have overcurrent and overvoltage protection

    Door Lock Output

    1 way, relay capacity DC30V/3A

    Door Sensor Input

    1 way

    Button Input

    1 way

    Communication Transmission

    RJ45 network port, wireless 4G full Netcom (Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, support eSIM card)

    Voice Output

    Built-in amplifier speaker, customizable voice, and extendable TTS voice

    Card-reading Attributes

    Support RFID card reading, card sector reading and writing, anti-copy CPU card reading and writing

    Other Parameters

    Installation size

    120mm*76mm*21mm(L*W*H), compatible with standard 86 box installation size

    Working environment

    Temperature and humidity 5%~95%, temperature -30℃~65℃