QR Code Access Control Open New Office!

Throughout the life scenario, traffic management is a very common and important process. With the development of sensor technology, biological recognition technology, entrance guard system get the leap type development, the security, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own special features, application fields of intelligent entrance guard is becoming more and more widely, including residential property, identification, office building, commercial building, the traditional office mode and wisdom office opened. With the process and development of urbanization, wisdom has become the trend of the world development. According to statistics, many companies have used intelligent office in the office area to enjoy the convenience brought by the super enterprise service platform. Compared with the traditional office, it has obvious advantages, especially in some better developed companies, which is in line with the current development trend of “intelligent office”.

The intelligent access control system of intelligent office uses cloud computing, intelligent processing terminal and other technologies, through the independent research and development of intelligent hardware door of QR code and RFID IC card reader opener series hardware products, to achieve personnel access, authorization, record and other Internet management. The access control device of qr code and rfid nfc reader to solve the problem of building personnel access, access control management problems, strictly ensure the safety of personnel in and out of the same time, improve the speed of smooth, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve their own operation and maintenance efficiency.

The installation of intelligent access control system in office buildings, shopping malls and other office areas can effectively prevent idle personnel from entering the community, ensure the safety of buildings and personnel, property, and effectively suppress the security risks brought by opening the door. The safe and intelligent access control system can also improve the management level of the property, enhance the corporate image, and the owners will also benefit from the scientific and effective access management. Of course, if there are accidents and cases, the entry and exit records can be queried later to provide evidence.

AC700 Access Control

Post time: Aug-21-2022