BP01 Portable Bluetooth Printer 58mm

Short Description:

Printing Mode: Line thermal printing
Point Density: 8 points/mm
Print Width: 48mm
Paper Breadth: 58mm(57.5+/-0.5mm)
Dimension: 83.6mm(W)*118mm(D)*48.6mm(H)
Net Weight: 225g
Interface: USB-C/ Bluetooth wireless module
Battery Capacity: 1500mA
Charging Standard: 5V / 1A
Project: Logistics Transportation, Retail, Mobile Payment, Public Sector

Product Detail



• Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0(BR/EDR+BLE), open 55 meters, stable and reliable connection.

• Easy to open the lid, beautiful ejection lid design.

• No carbon convenient and cost saving.

• Provide SDK for Mobile APP
Our team of engineers can provide you with SDK and test APP, which is convenient for customers to integrate the port and develop their own mobile APP.

• Support Android/IOS system, Android/Apple mobile terminal, bluetooth for easy connection and print fast.
• Support Windows system, PC desktop terminal, USB cable for easy connection and print fast.

•Long standby, double cell stable and durable
Polymer carp ion electronics 7.4V/1500mAh, built-in power management chip to avoid overcharging, protect the battery, extend battery life.


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  •  Print Function  Printing mode  Line thermal printing
     Print  384 points/line
     Point density  8 points/mm
     Print speed  The maximum print speed is 90mm/s
     Print width  48mm
     Out of the paper  Direction
     Interface  USB-C/ Bluetooth wireless module
     Print Font  Typeface Font A: 12×24Font B: 9×17Chinese characters: 24×24
     Character size Font A: 1.25×3.00mmFont B: 0.88×2.13mmChinese characters:3.00×3.00mm
     Character per line Font A:35/Font B:46/ Chinese character :17
     Character type  Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional/American/Japanese/Korean, etc
     1D barcode  UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN13(EAN13), JAN8(EAN8), CODE39, ITF, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128
     2D barcode  QR, PDF417
     Paper Size  Breadth  58mm(57.5+/-0.5mm)
     Diameter  ≤41mm
     Thickness  0.048mm~0.08mm
     Electrical Specification  Battery capacity  1500mA
     Charging standard  5V / 1A
     Battery voltage  7.4V ~ 8.4V
     Appearance  Dimension  83.6mm(W)*118mm(D)*48.6mm(H)
     Net Weight  225g(paper not included)
     Reliability  Printer mechanism life  13 million lines
     Print head life  50 km or 108 pulses
     Mean time without failure  3000 hours
     Average number of trouble-free print lines  12 million lines
     Drop test  Can with stand multiple drops from 1.0m to the concrete floor
     Cash box drive function  no support
    Operating Environment Operating temperature(no condensation) 0~50℃
    Storage temperature(no condensation) -25~+70℃ (paper not included)
    Operating humidity (no condensation) 20%~85%RH
    Operating temperature (no condensation) 5%~95%RH (paper not included)
    Wireless Function Parameter Bluetooth connection distance ≥55m (Open lot)

    * The data in this brochure comes from the laboratory data of YidaScan company, which is different from the actual use data. The technical specifications in the brochure are subject to change without notice.
    * Life test conditions: 25℃, heating time ratio is not more than 12.5%.
    * Drop test conditions: height drop, appearance, electrical and mechanical performance test, there will be no damage to the structure, but it can be used normally after installation.